The Cologne Lab for Artificial Intelligence and Smart Automation (CAISA) researches intelligent mechatronic systems in socio-technical systems, in particular processes, algorithms and solutions for artificial intelligence, intelligent sensors and control as well as for Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical (IoT) systems. The technologies developed are transferred to industrial applications through cooperation with industry and society, in particular to mechanical and plant engineering to accelerate the transformation processes towards more sustainability, energy and resource efficiency and climate protection, safe, connected and clean mobility as well as higher civil security.

  • Simulation and model-based control of complex systems (mills, power systems, power plants, …)
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of mechatronic systems
  • Automatic performance evaluation and performance optimization of control systems
  • Resource and energy efficient automation systems
  • Stability control systems in the automotive sector
  • Use of control techniques in medical applications