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Courses in summer semester 2015

This semester, several courses are offered by the ReMech. For the master’s program ‘Mechatronics’ the course ‘Servo-Hydraulic’ and for the master’s program ‘Mechanical Engineering’ the courses ‘Selected Applications of Automation Technology’ and ‘Advanced Control’ are offered.

ReMech is at the ADCHEM in Whistler, CDN

On the ADCHEM (International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes), held from 7th to 10th May, the ReMech – represented by Andreas Bathelt – will present a poster entitled “Revision of the Tennessee Eastman Process Model”, co-authored with N. Lawrence Ricker and Mohieddine Jelali. ADCHEM is the triennial meeting of the International Federation of Automatic […]

New employee in the ReMech

At the beginning of the new year, the Remech team had the opportunity to welcome another student assistant Nils Bedorf and looks forward to enjoying our future cooperation. In addition, Stefan Knoben will focus his work on externally funded projects.

Student project adopted as technical article for the AALE

The project “Modellierung, Identifikation und Simulation eines Zwei-Behälter-Systems zur Prozessautomatisierung für didaktische HIL-Anwendungen”, written by Sebastian Raubach, was adopted as a technical article for the Konferenz für Angewandte Automatisierungstechnik in Lehre und Entwicklung (AALE) in Jena in the spring of 2015. For further Information please use the link below: VFAALE  

ReMech receives sponsorship from Intel Galileo Development Boards

The ReMech has been selected by Intel to be part of the Galileo University Donations and has received a total of 10 Galileo development boards for use in courses and projects. The Galileo development boards are compatible with Arduino extensions and have a significantly increased computing power for the direct reading sensors and controlling actuators, […]